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Palo Alto Partners in Education (PiE)

Partner in Education

Each Fall, El Carmelo families receive the Partners in Education (PiE) request to support this essential annual campaign that funds needed school staff. Due to the state of California public school funding, maintaining excellence in PAUSD schools is increasingly a public-private venture. PiE, a non- profit foundation dedicated to the excellence of PAUSD public schools, raises funds to meet staff needs otherwise left unfunded. El Carmelo’s 2012-13 allocation from PiE is over $150,000.

At El Carmelo PiE funds are used to fund Classroom Aides, Spectra Art, and the supplemental science program. PTAs are not allowed to raise funds for staff so PiE is the only fundraising vehicle available to our school for these purposes. The total district-wide campaign raised $4.4 million last year.

Families received a letter and remit envelope in their Back to School packet. There are more copies in the El Carmelo Office, or you can download a PDF version of it here. You can mail in your payment, leave a check in the PiE box in the school office, or pay online at www.papie.org. PiE encourages 100% participation from families. Any amount you can afford would be greatly appreciated!

You can find more information or give on line at http://www.papie.org.

Questions? Contact one of El Carmelo’s PiE Representatives:Faiza Zarroug,Medha Nanal and Kanwal Raza.

The 2012-2013 campaign ends on January 25, 2013. You can make a difference! Let’s make this year’s participation 100%!