Volunteer Positions

There are 12 Executive Board positions and 66 Committee Chairs. Please read the descriptions and help where you are able. See Board & Chairs for a list of current parent volunteers.

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Executive Board

The executive board is elected from the parent community. This group meets once a month during the school year to help lead the efforts of the PTA.

Position Description
President Coordinate the work of officers and committees of the Association and Executive Board. Preside at all meetings of the association and exec board. Be the official representative of the unit at council and district meetings. Collaborate to prepare and present budget to the Association. Meet weekly with the school principal. Prepare meeting agendas, conducting meetings, delegate other responsibilities and oversee all activities to ensure that matters are dealt with expeditiously and effectively. Manage PTA school calendar. Provide support as needed to chairs of PTA committees.
Executive Vice President Meet regularly with PTA President and serve as his/her primary aide. Attend weekly meetings with the school principal and PTA President, monthly Board meetings, and four-times-annually Association meetings. (Typically at El Carmelo, EVP becomes President the following year.)
Secretary Attend monthly (morning/during week) Board meetings and four-times-annually Association meetings. Record and prepare minutes. Distribute minutes prior to the meeting at which they are to be reviewed. Keep copies of PTA meeting minutes and treasurer’s reports.
Treasurer Attend monthly Board meetings and four-times-annually Association meetings. Collaborate to prepare the budget. Keep accurate records of income and expenditures. Maintain PTA bank accounts; write checks to cover PTA expenses. Present financial reports at PTA and Executive Board meetings. Work with an accountant to prepare and file taxes. Follow local and national PTA guidelines and procedures.
Auditor Review PTA books twice a year to verify that all checks are accounted for and that the books balance. Audit forms and instructions are provided. Attend monthly Board meetings and four-times-annually Association meetings.
Corresponding Secretary Write thank you notes and other correspondence as needed. Attend monthly Board meetings and four-times-annually Association meetings.
Historian In collaboration with the President, assemble and preserve the record of activities of the PTA, and prepare the Annual Unit Historian Report. Attend monthly Board meetings and four-times-annually Association meetings.
VP Fundraising Evaluate fund raising strategy and fund raising options to ensure El Carmelo PTA is raising and spending money in the most efficient way possible. Support all fundraising activity volunteers. Develop strategy in collaboration with PiE. Attend monthly Board meetings and four-times-annually Association meetings.
VP Communications Edit and distribute weekly eNews. Assist with Carmeletter editing. Identify ways to better circulate and distribute information schoolwide. Attend monthly Board meetings and four-times-annually Association meetings.
VP Membership Provide information about PTA membership to the school community throughout the year (information in Back to School packet, Carmeletter, eNews, etc.) Encourage staff to become PA members. Prepare membership cards and arrange for their distribution. Attend monthly Board meetings and four-times-annually Association meetings.
VP Volunteer Services Maintain a list of volunteers. Coordinate volunteer scheduling with event chairs. Assist Chairs with recruitment of volunteers as needed. Coordinate volunteers for Vision and Hearing Screening, and for School Picture Day. Attend monthly Board meetings and four-times-annually Association meetings.
Parliamentarian Attend monthly Board meetings and four-times-annually Association meetings. Provide advice in parliamentary procedure as requested. Recruit Nominating Committee members and call the first meeting of the Nominating Committee. Chair Bylaws Committee and review bylaws and standing rules as needed.

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Committee Chairs

El Carmelo PTA programs and events enrich the school for our children and families. Hundreds of members generously support these thriving programs with many thousands of volunteer hours each year.

Position Description
Amazon School Rewards Coordinator Manage El Carmelo’s Amazon School Rewards program, including providing opportunities for parent education about the program.
Back to School Night Coordinate with principal and teachers on Back to School Night scheduling. Provide light refreshments and help with directing parents where they should be and when.
Back to School Supplies Coordinate with teachers in the Spring to determine what supplies they will need for the coming year. Purchase items over the summer and coordinate distribution to classrooms before school begins.
Bicycle Safety/3rd Grade Bike Rodeo Plan third grade bicycle safety program with third grade teachers and PTA Council Traffic Safety Coordinator. Use Bicycle Safety materials in office to help with planning. Recruit parents to help with bicycle safety stations. Try to arrange for extra bicycles so that each child has one.
Bingo Night Promote event, recruit volunteers, organize, and run the event. Organize the MP room for set up (there are specific instructions in the Bingo plastic bin). Prizes may be donations from parents or local merchants. Arrange for pizza sales, if desired.
Book Exchange Advertise event. Solicit donations of books from El Carmelo families (and middle schools). Recruit volunteers to collect books from classrooms, sort them by reading level, redistribute them for classrooms and transport them back to classrooms for distribution.
Book Fairs Contact bookstore or agent to reserve date for fair and arrange for use of the MP Room. Work with custodial staff regarding MP Room setup. Advertise the event. Recruit volunteers to set up/take down fair and staff it. Arrange class visit schedule. Plan family event. Complete financial recordkeeping and turn funds over to Treasurer.
Box Tops for Education Advertise the program. Collect box tops and submit to BoxTops for Education.
Carmeletter Distributor Maintain an updated list of which students should receive a paper copy of the Carmeletter. Pick up the Carmeletter at the District Office (if needed). Distribute Carmeletter to teachers boxes before Thursday noon for distribution in Friday folders.
Carmeletter Editor/Layout Designer Gather submitted stories and announcements from the school and the district. Edit as appropriate. Make decisions on content based on PTA guidelines. Place articles in newsletter format. Send final version to the District print shop.
Carmeletter Editor Backup/Spotlight Articles Provide assistance to Carmeletter editor as needed. Provide additional stories of interest to the El Carmelo community.
Class List Posting Celebration Coordinate light refreshments for students/families who come to see class placements when lists are posted. Coordinate with the President to determine whether Back-to-School packets will be distributed at the same time.
Coffees with Principal Coordinate with principal on dates for events (usually once per month). Host event by providing coffee/goodies.
Data Entry One Check Form Enter data from One Check Forms and hand off to Treasurer.
Emergency Preparedness Coordinate with the principal about the role of the PTA rep. Attend emergency drills as an observer.
eScrip Coordinator Manage El Carmelo’s eScrip program, including providing opportunities for parent education about the program, signing up, and renewing membership. Manage Teacher eScrip program.
Fall Class Picnics Advertise picnics for each grade level. Coordinate with Room Parents when possible to organize event.
Fall Fundraiser Work with Board to select a Fall fundraiser, provide information to parents, coordinate orders and delivery of merchandise. Complete financial bookkeeping and turn funds over to Treasurer.
Family Restaurant Nights Arrange with local restaurants for a date when a percentage of sales to participating customers will be donated to El Carmelo. Advertise event to the El Carmelo community.
Fifth Grade End of Year Party Plan and execute the end of year party for the 5th graders on a date chosen in collaboration with the 5th grade teachers. Recently this as been a swim party at Rinconada.
Fifth Grade Refreshments Arrange for refreshments for 5th graders and their families following their promotion ceremony on the last day of school. Should be done by a parent of a 4th grader so that all 5th grade families can celebrate together.
Fifth Grade Yearbook Reflections Prepare a memory book of the 5th graders time at El Carmelo. Should be done by a parent(s) of a 5th grader.
First Day Coffee Coordinate with custodian to set up tables. Arrange for parents to bring treats and beverages to share. Advertise with banners and fliers. Consider resource tables (PTA sign-ups), other start of year information. Recruit parents to serve as greeters, set up, and clean up.
Game Closet Periodically check on the game cart (stored in a closet near the Kindergarten Classrooms) that contains numerous board games for children to play with during recess. Organize as necessary. Use PTA funds to replace or purchase additional games.
Game Night for Families Coordinate with game company (we’ve used Gamewright in the recent past), so that a large selection of games will be available for playing. Recruit volunteers who can try out games ahead of time and be available to teach/recommend games. Arrange for sales of games to El Carmelo families, complete financial bookkeeping, and pass on funds to Treasurer.
GATE Program Liaison with the district GATE program.
Green Team Liaison Work with the Green Team and principal (and the district) on environmental goals for the school/recycling/composting. Assist with Earth Day celebration at El Carmelo.
Health and Nutrition Attend district programs on these issues. Provide articles on an ad hoc basis for the Carmeletter.
Holiday Giving Chair Coordinate with a local charity to provide an opportunity for families to provide gifts for the holidays.
Ice Cream Social for New Families Coordinate the Ice Cream Social for new students and their families shortly before the start of school. Invite new families and advertise event. Coordinate volunteers to set up, serve ice cream, greet new families, and clean up.
Ice Skating Party Attend opening day signups at Winter Lodge to reserve a date. Publicize event, coordinate ticket sales, arrange for pizza/refreshments, serve as liaison with Winter Lodge to host event. Encourage families to bring a dessert to share.
International Day Organize a celebration of the wonderful diversity of the El Carmelo community – potluck, country tables, cultural demonstrations, etc.
Kinder Playdates Organize 4-6 playdates for incoming Kinders over the summer. Invite new Kinders, publicize, and serve as host at the playdates.
Kinder Visit Support Recruit volunteers who will provide a warm welcome to incoming Kinders and their families. Coordinate sign-in, refreshments, and information dissemination.
Lego Night Promote event, recruit volunteers, and organize and run the event. Prizes may be purchased with PTA funds.
Math Lab/Everyday Math Program Support Maintain and distribute Math Lab materials to teachers. In the Spring, complete orders to be sent to the PAUSD printers for photocopying over the summer. Right after school begins, recruit volunteers to help collate and organize the Math Lab materials for all classrooms. Throughout the year, be the contact person for teachers to obtain additional Math Lab materials. Prepare Everyday Math games for teachers as needed.
Math/Science Exploration Organize and execute an afternoon of math/science demonstrations and hands-on experiments.
Noon Art Select art activities, recruit parent volunteers to help. Reserve MP room. Advertise Noon Art with banners, Carmeletter, fliers. Order materials for projects. Set up projects before lunch one day each week, clean up by 1:30.
Pancake Breakfast Recruit volunteers. Buy or solicit donations for ingredients. Coordinate MP Room set up. Supervise volunteers in cooking, cleaning, collecting money.
Parent Education In collaboration with the principal, identify topics of interest to El Carmelo parents and arrange for parent education events. Work with other Palo Alto PTAs to co-sponsor events.
Photographer Rainbow Picture Day In collaboration with the principal, select a day for the picture. Advertise the event. Work with staff to set up the picture and take it. Arrange for printing.
PiE Co-Chair Report – Provide two-way communication between El Carmelo and Partners in Education (PiE). Keep school community informed via newsletter, eNews, and posters/flyers on campus. Provide periodic updates and opportunities for feedback through special PiE events, attendance at PTA and Site Council meetings, and meetings with principal, PTA presidents, and Site Council chair.
Represent – Attend PiE representative meetings, held approximately once every two months, to represent your school’s needs and interests, as well as to receive campaign updates and information on planned campaign activities.
Rally – Be PiE’s primary cheerleader at El Carmelo. Recruit a team of volunteers to help with campaign activities (e.g., write personal notes on direct appeal letters, help with phone bank calls or other special events).
PTA Council Rep Attend PTA Council meetings (typically five each year) and report back to PTA membership
Pumpkin Carving Advertise event. Arrange to use benches and/or tables outside of office/MP Room for display. Arrange for class visits. Purchase and distribute small prizes for participants.
Reading Garden Organize maintenance crews twice a year to help maintain the Reading Garden. Maintain garden on an ongoing basis.
Room Parent Coordinator Obtain list of Room Parents from each teacher. Organize an orientation meeting with all Room Parents at the beginning of the year. Notify room parents of teacher appreciation snack schedule. Provide templates of common forms and sign up sheets. Send reminders to Room Parents of upcoming events.
School and Traffic Safety TSR Educate parents and children about best practices to ensure safety on campus and in the community. Coordinate with PTAC Traffic Safety Chair regarding Walk and Roll to School day, encouraging alternative means of transportation, and bicycle safety. Attend district training programs.
Science Olympiad In collaboration with grade level teachers, organize and execute a Science Olympiad, using Science Olympiad curriculum.
Sees Candies Fundraiser Coordinate with See’s Candies. Get flyers for distribution, collect order forms, place and distribute order. Complete bookkeeping and turn funds over to Treasurer.
Site Council Liaison Attend Site Council meetings and report back to PTA. Can be held by a parent who is on Site Council.
Spaghetti Dinner Organize an all-school spaghetti dinner. Advertise, recruit volunteers, arrange for setup, arrange for donated food or for cooks, host event, and supervise cleanup.
Special Ed Liaison Serve as contact between PTA and District Special Ed Committees. Also serve as liaison to families involved with special ed programs at El Carmelo.
Spirit Shop Responsible for sales of El Carmelo t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Can be done by order or can pre-order and sell at major events. Advertise in Carmeletter, with posters, and fliers.
Sponsor a Book Educate the El Carmelo community about the program and solicit donations from El Carmelo parents to pay for new library materials. Work with the librarian to coordinate time(s) when families can select books to sponsor. Arrange for the preparation of nameplates for sponsored books.
Stanford Football/Basketball Game Fundraiser Coordinate with Stanford to select dates/pricing, advertise, sell tickets. Arrange tailgate party before game, if desired.
Stories Under the Stars Arrange for community leaders, teachers, El Carmelo alums, etc. to come and share favorite children’s stories. Reserve MP room, arrange for set up, work with librarians and noon art for decorations, and advertise.
Student Directory Assistant Assist Student Directory compiler with information collection to ensure that the Directory is as complete as possible.
Student Directory Compilation Using data released by PAUSD, prepare an El Carmelo Directory. Make necessary changes, include roster of staff, school, and PTA calendar. Have copies made and distribute to students.
Summer Mailing Put together an information packet from PTA, arrange for copying, stuff envelopes, and arrange for distribution (at the Class List Posting Celebration or by mail).
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Organize Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week, write an article for the Carmeletter/eNews alerting parents and providing suggestions for thanking teachers, provide some special thank yous to staff during the week. Provide information to Room Parent Coordinator for distribution to Room Parents.
Teacher Welcome Luncheon Coordinate and publicize a lunch for the faculty and staff in the beginning weeks of school in the fall. Recruit other parents to bring food, set up and clean up.
Ten Mile Club Recruit volunteers, publicize, and supervise student running during lunch recess. Arrange for prizes for children who achieve milestones.
Theater/School Play During years when the play will be produced by the Children’s Theatre, attend a meeting in the spring to sign up for a play. Coordinate production of the play with Children’s Theatre staff. In years when the Children’s Theatre does not come to El Carmelo, the chair may bring in an independent company to produce a play at the school.
Visiting Author In coordination with the librarian, contact children’s authors and arrange for school visits. Reserve MP room and arrange for furniture set up. Plan schedule and related activities with author and teachers. Purchase copies of books for each classroom before event, arrange for thank you to author.
Website Maintain the PTA website.

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