Yes on A

The Parcel Tax needs YOU!

YesOnALogoMail in Ballots must be posted by April 30
In January, the School Board voted to support putting a measure on the ballot to renew the existing Parcel Tax with a modest increase to expand funding for struggling students. Passage of Measure A will provide $15+ million in school funding for 6 years starting in 2015-16. This is $758 per parcel tax. A 67% majority is needed for the ballot to pass. Currently, PAUSD receives nearly $13M from parcel taxes. Over 80 teachers, counselors, librarians, and psychologists are funded entirely by parcel tax funds, which helps us to keep pace with growing enrollment (+1100 students since 2008-09). The district projects enrolling another 700+ students over the next 5 years.

At its January 21 General Meeting, the Palo Alto PTA Council voted to support Measure A and donate $999 to the campaign to renew the PAUSD parcel tax. On February 4, the Ohlone PTA general membership voted to endorse Measure A, and donate $999 to the campaign. Your vote is important! Please register, inform yourself, and don’t forget to mail in your ballot by April 30 to make sure it is counted on May 5!

Parcel tax priorities over the next 6 years will continue to be attracting and retaining high quality teachers and keeping class sizes as low as possible. In addition, a stable economy has afforded the district the ability to designate parcel tax funds within its term towards further helping struggling students to thrive – socially, emotionally and academically. This includes greater family and student counseling support, programs to ensure optimal sleep, nutritional and physical wellness, along with greater nursing support at elementary schools. PreK to grade 2 literacy support is targeted for expansion. So too are summer school offerings. Expanded subject expert tutoring is targeted during the 6 year term. In addition, the district plans to extend class size reduction to high school electives with 30+ students, and expand elective offerings, including self-driven, independent research paired with academia or industry.

Please vote YES on A, and please encourage your friends and neighbors to vote YES as well!

Note: PTA is an advocacy organization and while we are non-partisan we can and do advocate for ballot measures.